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The secret from the north

The secret from the north is loose, and it’s really scary and exciting for me! I have been singing and making music in Norway for almost a decade. A journey born in the most unexpected place started on a whim. Fueled by a lifelong passion for music it has grown into something beyond fulfilling. The secret leaked and I have decided to share my music everywhere, just to see who might want to listen. It is incredible to me that I can write songs, and that people might want to hear me sing.



I have loved music since I can remember. At age six I used to lay down the speakers in the living room facing each other just far enough apart to climb in between. There, as if I was wearing massive headphones, I marveled at the sound.

Many moons later a lot has changed in my life, but my passion for great music has been unwavering. At nineteen years old when it was time to find direction music saved me. Since then I have made it my life's work to help artists achieve their dreams. This was my contribution to music. I never thought that I could actually make music. It is all but unbelievable that now I too can have a voice. That I can write stories that want to be heard, and more incredibly that people want to hear me deliver them. It’s a dream for me, it’s been thrilling to pursue, like all the best dreams, it’s scary. Thank you for joining me in this dream.


The journey to

spinning wheels band

I’m in a Norwegian band called Spinning Wheels, and I do shows in Norway with them every summer. I have done so secretly for years, and I really never intended for anyone to know. How all that happened is a beautiful story of friendship, I won’t get into that here, but if you are curious please check out my bio on this site. I will say here that an amazing guy named Bjorn introduced me to Spinning Wheels. We lost Bjorn to cancer a few years ago, but I work hard to honor his memory in all I do. He was in incredible friend and an amazing music lover. Speaking of amazing friends, Spinning Wheels are that in spades! Stian, Tom, John and Ole-Roy are four of the best friends a guy could ever ask for. Spending my summers singing my way through Norway’s beautiful landscapes has been the stuff of dreams. I’m so proud that they are in the process of releasing their own album as well. We decided to release separate albums as we are so geographically removed they often do shows without me. As well they should, they certainly don’t need me, but when we are together one plus one equals three. Besides touring Norway, for the first time ever the band is flying here and together they are doing a few shows in the states to support both their new albums. Please come catch us on the road some time!


spinning wheels, John terje johnson, scott scovill, stian bakka, tom runner aasen, ole-roy bendikson


spinning wheels


stian bakka with justin williamson on fiddle


scott and stian


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